Author jewellery since 1969


More than 40 years chasing quality
Golden line

Combined, white or yellow gold jewelry

Jewels with stone

Pieces with precious metals and precious stones

White line

Combined gold and silver creations


In Ibiza since 1973
Experience, creativity and a unique style

Master jewelers with more than forty years of experience in author jewelry. His creations are characterized by the beauty of the designs. Mainly in silver, gold and precious stones. Throughout the years they have developed and created different styles in his workshop in Ibiza, where they live since 1973. After initial experiences in 1969 opened his first workshop in Buenos Aires. In 1976 they founded with other jewelers A.M.O.R. group (Art, Metal, Goldsmiths, meeting by they initials in spanish). They perform numerous monographic exhibitions in 1978, 79, 80 and 81 in the House of Clergy, Archaeological Museum. In 1980 Van der Voort Gallery. 1981 Hotel Royal Plaza and VIII Cultural Week of Ibiza and Formentera. And in the Plaça d'Art. They are also involved since 1976 in the traditional Fair of Saint Lucia, that takes place next to the cathedral of Barcelona. Since 1997 continue to present their new creations in Plaça d'Art where he are awarded with the prize for the "Best design". In 1999 PIMEEF recognizes them as the "Exemplary Company of the Year" of the Association of Artisans of Ibiza. Since 1991 they welcome guests in their opened workshop in Sant Jordi. There visitors can see their new creations and exclusive jewelry that fit the client's taste and personality.

  • Design

    Creativity and a refined technique.

  • Materials

    Gold, silver and precious stones.

  • Inspiration

    Ibiza is our source of inspiration.